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Treat speed dating with caution, as if you were meeting someone online. In other words, avoid divulging any personnel information about yourself. Be friendly and cordial but don't tell people where you live or work until you have met with them again and determined you want to date them. In speed dating, you know even less about your potential match then if you meet them online. Use common sense.

Don't take it personally if your potential match does not consider you a potential match.

Generally, wait no more than three days after the speed dating event to make the initial contact. If neither of you has contacted the other beyond that period of time, don't assume the person is busy. More likely, they are interested in other potential matches. Don't take it personally.

Be careful about the contact information you provide to a potential match - remember, good impression or not, the person in question is still a stranger. Consider exchanging anonymous email addresses as a first step in getting to know one another, and then proceed cautiously as you would with an online acquaintance. Avoid giving out contact information for your place of employment.

Use an initial telephone call as an opportunity to pre-screen your match before you invest any time and money in an first date. Remember, five minutes is only enough time to verify potential. Use the telephone to verify other compatibility issues. More importantly, use your phone dating skills to ensure basic safety standards before you agree to a first date. One strategy is to devise a list of pertinent questions prior to the phone call, similar to your speed dating questions.

Arrange an afternoon date with your potential match - it has the advantage of being casual and relatively short just in case. Additionally, refer to all the safety rules and information brought to you by