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The Quickest Date

At a speed dating event, the participants are paired off and given a limited amount of time, typically three to five minutes, to get to know one another before moving on to another prospect. Speed daters are supplied with score cards to evaluation their potential matches. At the end of the event, scorecards are compared and there is an opportunity to exchange contact information with any or all mutual matches. The objective is to meet as many singles as possible in rapid succession and try to find out if you are interested before you waste time and money in further pursuit.

Speed dating is relatively cost effective. For less than the price of a single date, you can get be introduced to many potential love interests. Sound a little unlikely that you can identify a potential match in less than five minutes? Well, maybe but the advantage of speed dating is that there should be lots of potential matches to choose from. Most speed dating events will allow you to meet between 20-40 people in a single evening. The best part is that you KNOW these people are single and are hoping to meet someone compatible.

Since time is limited, it's important to evaluate speed dating matches carefully. In addition to having a fun conversation, do you share any common interests? Does this person appear to meet the criteria for a serious relationship? It is said that women will often decide within five minutes after meeting a man, whether or not he is a potential lover. If so, why waste time and money? The purpose of speed dating is for two people to see if they have any potential interest in each other.

Sounds great, what's the catch ? Well, like so many things in life, the advantage of speed dating is also its disadvantage. You will meet many potential dates, but you will only have five minutes to create a lasting impression in a room full of competition. It's a good idea to have a list of questions in mind before you attend a speed dating event. Try to formulate questions that will reveal qualities and characteristics that are important to you. View our speed dating tips section for more information about speed dating.