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Senior and Single?

Let's face it. Most people, even seniors, tend to assume that the singles scene and online dating services cater to the young. Don't worry. There will be no references to bad cliches about dating and the young at heart. The point is, it is just not practical to have such a limited point of view about dating, on or offline.

In the average adult life span there are a number of single years, at a minimum. Most of us associate these periods with youth. Sadly, however, life sometimes arranges for us to be alone when we least expect it, often at the end of a long-term, committed relationship. So, if being single isn't limited to being young, then why should online dating services be their exclusive domain? Give it a try. It's only practical.

Most of the bigger online dating services will allow you to search based on age criteria, so there is no need to limit yourself to an online service that caters specifically to seniors. High traffic sites are usually the best choice for any demographic because they provide more variety and increase the odds that you will find someone with compatible interests.

If you do choose an online service that caters specifically to the seniors crowd, the good news is there are many to choose from. The better news about seniors sites is that most cater to singles 40 and over, giving you a wide range of companions to choose from.

Age doesn't matter, just personal references
If you happen to be a older woman re-entering the dating scene after an extended absence, don't fret. You may discover you are a hot commodity these days!