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Losing the loser myth about dating services
Some people think that dating services have a negative stigma. They forego the world of online dating based on the assumption that a dating service is essentially for "losers" who can't actually get a date otherwise. If you buy into this proposition, no doubt you have avoided registering with a service at all.

Well, in truth, there are no guarantees and a few inherent drawbacks about online dating. For one thing, you may end up weeding through several undesirable matches if you conduct your search online. But it doesn't necessarily follow that you have to be desperate to use the service.

In reality, there are a wide variety of people who register with online dating services. And there are also a wide variety of reasons why people register, practical and otherwise. Many are in fact very compelling reasons that have little or nothing to do with a desperate stab in the dark for the hopeless.

Practically speaking, finding your soul mate is not an easy task. There is no reliable way to avoid weeding through undesirable matches, regardless of the whether you use an online dating service or stick to more traditional approaches. It would be unreasonable to suggest that the internet makes the search any easier, but the exposure might help to increase the odds a little.

Regardless of your station in life, most of us are pretty busy, most of the time. If you don't happen to move in a large social circle or have an abundance of time or money, it can be hard to meet new people at all, let alone a potential and suitable date that happens to be both single and interested. It is an unfortunate fact of life for many of us but the right person doesn't come along every day. If you are still single, it might be simply because you have yet to cross paths, especially if your everyday life doesn't provide many opportunities to met new people. Online dating is really just another forum where it becomes possible to bump into one another. There isn't any guarantee that you'll meet someone special but for sure there are a lot of someones online. You never know.

If you are up for the challenge, there is a certain undeniable advantage to dating online - convenience. The majority of online dating services cater primarily to busy professional types. They provide an opportunity for single professionals to circulate with other singles at their leisure, whenever it happens to fit their schedule.

Online dating services provide a viable alternative to the bar scene for many singles. Compared to nightclubs, online dating is relatively cost effective both for the pocket book and the appointment schedule. Online, you can conduct a specific and deliberate search on your own timetable. The bar scene is a little more random and can represent a significant expenditure in both time and money.

More importantly, many people find bars too loud to effectively communicate with someone who has caught their eye. If you happen to be shy or intimidated by large social gatherings, it can be even more of a challenge. It is hard to have an interesting conversation when you have to resort to yelling in someone's ear to be heard. Others singles may have more compelling reasons to avoid bars. Whatever your preferences, it is safe to say that nightclubs and single events equally attract their fair share of undesirables that you need to avoid. It's hard to avoid it entirely. Online dating services can actually give you a leg up in weeding them out, if you are smart enough to employ the right safety precautions.

Online dating can also be a practical solution when you are re-entering the dating world after an extended period of time. The first date after a divorce or at the end of a long-standing relationship can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least. The longer you've been out of the dating game, the harder it is to start over, especially if most of your peer group are couples. Online dating services not only provide an opportunity to meet someone new, they take some of the anxiety out of the process - at least you can rest assured that most of the people you encounter are not only single but also actively looking, eliminating the need for at least a few awkward questions.

Besides, flirting can be a great confidence booster and it is relatively easy online. Be polite but why not have some fun with it? Online dating services are an opportunity to flirt and have fun exchanging quips with potential dates without needing to put your ego on the line. It's a great way to get back in the game on our own terms and at your own rate. In the long run, it might prove to be good practice for some future romantic encounter. You never know. In the short term, if you take the appropriate precautions, it might be fun.