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Can You Fall In Love Over the Internet?

You can too find love online
Of course you can find love online. It is definitely possible. Anything is possible. Potentially, you can find love anywhere if you are receptive.

What's wrong? You are not inclined to be a hopeful romantic and you don't believe that finding true love on line is actually possible? Okay, fair enough but even the pessimists among us will have to concede one major point - if you don't at least look, you definitely will not succeed in your online quest for companionship.

There is no denying that online dating services are convenient places to meet a variety of new people and potentially make a few hopeful contacts. But is online dating a realistic option if your expectations include finding a serious and committed relationship? Is it actually possible to end up falling in love with someone you met online? Well, if you believe the hype in the media, people meet casually and fell in love everyday.

A better question might be is it probable?

There are a few important things to remember about the nature of online dating. For one thing, it's actually a misnomer to call it dating in the first place. Online dating services are really concerned with pre-dating activities or matchmaking services, if you will. Online dating services provide great tools for screening potential dates for compatibility from a very big pool. The good news is that the opportunities are almost as vast as the internet itself.

The bad news? Well the internet is a very big pool indeed and it will in fact have a few sharks swimming around from time to time. The rule of thumb is swim at your own risk and keep an eye out for danger. The odds of success really depend on how discerning you are and how well you employ common sense.

In reality, online dating is sort of like a virtual blind date with a stranger. Online dating services provide opportunities to communicate with an anonymous stranger. Since your safety is not a guarantee, precautions are necessary.

Meeting someone online is very different from meeting in person - you miss the visual clues that normally alert you to danger for one thing. Essentially you are mingling in a very big room full of strangers with a blindfold on. Nobody checks ID at the door and all are welcome. Great potentially because you will met a wide variety of people. On the other hand, everyone includes, well, anyone - even predators, criminals and creeps. Initially you need to approach each new contact with quite a bit of trepidation because you don't actually know who you are communicating with.

People can always surprise you, especially online. The anonymous nature of the internet will encourage some people to act a little differently than they might in other public venues. Initially, it's a good idea to be very skeptical and keep your expectations in check. Even if you generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt, it may not be the safest approach to online dating. It is relatively easy to disguise your intentions online. It's important to be careful, patient and discerning in your initial exchanges. Otherwise, the search for love and romance on the internet could potentially be perilous indeed.

Not only is deception with malicious intent possible on the internet, but there are also those who may deceive you without deliberation as well. It's important to keep your expectations in check at first. For any number of reasons, people are occasionally motivated to project a false persona or an invention of themselves that they feel will attract interest. Some people will even attach a dated or bogus photo to their profile. Sometimes married people will claim to be single. The problem is you just cannot be certain at first, so you need to be patient and cautious during the process. Take your time and ask questions. Read the answers carefully, with discerning attention.

If "be yourself" is the cardinal rule of dating in general, online it's a little different still. Be yourself guardedly at all times without revealing any personal information until you have verified that your potential date is a trustworthy contact. More importantly, make sure your potential date is actually who they say they are. Plan on a relatively slow online dating process because caution is advised. Talk to your friends and trusted advisors and be prepared to sharpen your intuition. You will need to be discerning and trust your best instincts.

Does that mean you shouldn't actually use online dating services? Not at all. It is a simple matter of being proactive when it comes to safety issues and learning how to avoid potential problems. If you don't intend to take your safety seriously, regardless of your gender, you may want to avoid online dating services altogether. When it comes to chat rooms and online dating, it is very much buyer beware.

Like most things in life, there are a few inherent risks and no guarantees with respect to meeting potential dates online. But if you take the appropriate precautions and, at all times exercise caution, there is no reason that you cant have a fun and rewarding experience. Besides, you never know. You may even find your next love interest or even your spouse. No matter what you are looking for, education is a critical first step in the online dating process. If you protect yourself properly, it will increase your chances at success too. So, before you log back on looking for love or romance, arm yourself with as much wisdom, common sense and good advice as possible. Then join the fun!