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Ideas for a Romantic Date

Romantic gestures on a first date are wonderful. By all means, bring flowers if you are so inclined, or a small token of your affection. Demonstrate thoughtfulness but try to avoid being too forward. True romance is not and cannot be manufactured. It is sincere and therefore far more likely to be spontaneous and unintentional when you are meeting for the first time. Relax, be yourself and be content to let things develop naturally.

Romance is also mutual. If it is sincere, it comes from your heart and is a product of intimacy and respect. So, even if you really want to impress the object of your affection, don't plan any grand gestures before you are certain that your efforts are both welcome and appreciated. Even if sincere, an unwanted and over the top romantic gesture can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for both parties.

Romance dating doesn't always have to include grand gestures accompanied with fanfare, flowers and violins. It certainly doesn't have to drain your pocketbook either. Sometimes the seeds of romance are sewn in the simplest gestures. Ask any woman that you trust - a single red rose is usually every bit as romantic as a dozen. Perhaps more so if you happen to have impeccable timing. When it comes to romance, the important thing is that the effort is genuine and the gesture is sincere. It truly is the thought that counts.

Here are a few suggestions that are intended to help you get started creating a little romance on your dates. Some ideas are relatively expensive while others only require an investment of your time and enthusiasm. All of these ideas and suggestions are bound to work out a lot better if you add your own personal flare. By the way, romance doesn't always have to be serious either. Don't forget to have a little fun too.

Dinner by candlelight
A candlelight dinner may sound cliche but it is still a firm romantic favorite with many. Pick a restaurant with great ambiance or better still, cook yourself. The gesture itself is romantic even if you're not a world class chef. Develop some flare by adding a theme, Italian for instance, or just make your best dish. Either way, don't forget to put some effort into creating atmosphere. Music, wine, candles and a nice table setting are a good start. If you really want to impress your date, add some white lights or flowers. A nice variation is to host the dinner on the porch or balcony on a warm summer evening. Don't forget to provide a decadent desert. If you have very limited pastry chef skills, stop at the bakery. Either way, you'll score brownie points if you are clever enough to select exactly the right desert to charm your paramour.

A romantic stroll
Take a romantic stroll or find a scenic place to sit and talk. Counting the stars, sharing your dreams and talking intimately together is the essence of romance. Bring along a picnic basket and, if you can, your favorite music so that you can dance under the stars.

Write a letter, poem or love song
Some of us find it easier to express our feelings in writing. Letters, notes and poems can become wonderful keepsakes that are long cherished. Consider sending a letter in the mail, with flowers or attached to a gift. Perhaps you will slip a romantic note in your paramour's pocket for them to discover later. Use your imagine.

If you're having trouble composing a letter, try this. Keep your hand moving while you are writing the first draft - do not stop to edit under any circumstance. Just write down what you wish to say in simple language. Don't worry about how it sounds. Put the letter away for at least a day or two. When you re-read your letter, you may be surprised to discover it's better than you thought. Now edit. Keep the good stuff, discard the rest and do your best to clarify your intention. Be sweet but don't try too hard. The point isn't really the quality of your writing but the sincerity of your message. Simple is perfect if it is sincere.

Alternatively, spend an evening in and write a love song or poem together. Reading a favorite book or poem aloud can also be very romantic. Plan the date in advance and select reading material that is meaningful to both of you. Explain your selections to one another and take turns reading.

Your special place
Bring your date or love interest to a place that has special significance in your life and explain to them why you wanted them to see it. For instance, perhaps you have a favorite thinking spot in a scenic part of town. Or maybe you have a hobby or interest that you would like to share. Maybe you will take a stroll around your college campus and talk to your companion about the dreams you both had when you were just starting out. The point is, sharing yourself with your love interest is romantic. Be genuine.

Surprises are usually romantic, assuming they are considerate and appropriate. Do something unexpected or out of character. Send flowers for no particular reason, hire a limo or take a carriage ride, arrange a surprise date or weekend getaway. Explore a historic area you've always wanted to see - history and character add to a romantic atmosphere. Hire a rowboat or find a scenic spot to enjoy the sunset together.

Whatever you choose, make sure that your surprise reflects the preferences of your mate and not your own. The best sort of romantic surprise will demonstrate that you've thought about what makes your love interest happy.

Charitable dates
Volunteer to do something together. Spend a day working together or sign up for a charity walk or other fundraising event. Sharing a sincere interest can lead to genuine and mutual passion.

Ideas for a Casual Date

Non-traditional dates can take some of the pressure off in dating. It may be far less intimidating to accept a shopping date than to agree to dinner and a movie if you are still a little unsure about your companion.

Day trips
Pick a destination within comfortable driving distance. The place might be another city, a historic site, a mountain trail or a nice beach.

Sporting events
Attend a professional sporting event. Eat lunch or dinner at the game. Or, if professional sporting events prove to be too much for your budget, try attending an amateur event. Not only is it cheaper, but you can get a lot closer to the action. Pack a small picnic.

Star gazing
Get a book on constellations and watch the stars. This can be especially fun during a meteor shower.

Berry picking
In the spring or summer go berry picking if available in your area. Apple picking in the fall is another option. Surprising your date with your own homemade pie or jam might be a very sweet way to ask for another date.