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It is the opinion of that gay and lesbian dating is not fundamentally different than heterosexual dating, with one obvious exception with respect to gender preference. Relationships are challenging whether they are same sex or not. Finding the right connection for you in particular is also challenging, same sex or not. Online dating services are widely available too, same sex or not. Online dating has inherent risks, same sex or not, and you will need to make a diligent effort to protect your personal safety and identity. Please read the safety tips at They apply to all, indiscriminately.

If there is any fundamental difference with respect to gay and lesbian dating, it may simply be that gays and lesbians have suffered from prejudicial social attitudes with respect to their sexual preferences. Hopefully, this is less true every single day. If you tend to think of gay and lesbian dating as being something other than normal, think again. Alternative sexual preferences have been a reality of human existence since the beginning of history and recorded time. It is not only normal, it is completely natural. Worry about your own preferences and keep your opinions to yourself about the sexual preferences of other adults.

Perhaps due to the influence of discrimination, gay and lesbian communities are generally more extant than their heterosexual counterparts. There are plenty of support groups and singles events to join and you will very likely discover a bonded and supportive peer group. There are also literally thousands of online dating services that cater to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and bi-curious dating. The great thing about any online dating service is the advantage of knowing that you are meeting others who are actively seeking connections too. Specialized dating services, whether for gays, lesbians or other demographic groups, allow you to meet others who are actively seeking connections within your own particular preference or orientation. Game on!

Alternative lifestyles:
Adult online dating service for alternative lifestyles.
Personals for bi-sexual and bi-curious men and women.

Gay & lesbian:

For both
Gay and lesbian personals.
This site advertises over 3 million gay personals for men and women.

For lesbians
No men allowed. Dating personals for lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women.
Lesbian dating personals.