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Getting Acquainted Through Online Chat

Online nicknames generally reap what they sow
Choose carefully the dating perception you wish to create when selecting an online nickname. You will reap the email responses that you sow. In other words, if your nickname implies sex, even vaguely, you will attract some very specific responses. My guess is a disproportionate number of those email responses will prove to be from users who don't actually live up to their own nickname, whatever it happens to be.

If you don't want to attract this type of attention, pick a nickname that reflects some anonymous but personal preference. For instance, longwalks123 or doglover123 may create a better impression and should illicit more positive responses. Under no circumstances should you use your real name or offer any identifying or unique information about yourself when choosing your online handle.

Chat rooms and safety tips
Remember, when you meet an online acquaintance, no matter how charming they may seem, you actually have no idea who they are. It is not only wise to take precautions, it is completely necessary.

Never give out personal, unique or identifying information about yourself in a chat room. Avoid references to geographical location, especially the name of your town or city. Be careful with respect to references to clubs and organizations that you belong to in case they reveal something about your location or identity.

Never give out your phone number or address to an online contact. If you wish to pursue any further communication with someone from a dating chat room, ask for their email address or supply your own anonymous address. If you do proceed from an email message to a telephone conversation, ask for their telephone number, do not supply your own and call them from a pay phone. After a period of time, when you are satisfied that your new connection is both sincere and trustworthy, then you can supply your telephone number. Use wisdom and common sense in this regard.

If you are serious about meeting the right person online, at all times you should maintain the appropriate decorum in chat rooms and resist the temptation to engage in sex chat. Alternatively, use an adult site as a better and more appropriate forum for this type of activity.

Have fun in the chat rooms but be polite. Avoid comments that you would not make in person.

Don't be too shy to ask questions. Keep your language as simple as possible. Remember it is very hard to communicate sarcasm and nuance online so use emoticons and chat room lingo to clarify your intent if necessary.

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